Proper Vehicle Operation Can Improve Fuel Efficiency

Finding reliable and fuel efficient vehicles is well and good, but if drivers fall prey to the ills of poor fuel efficiency, many of these gains go out the tailpipe. The good news is, drivers who follow some simple and common-sense rules can often save themselves great amounts in terms of fuel costs.

One good way to lower fuel costs is to make sure that all vehicle systems are in proper operating condition. Vehicle owners should make sure that they have all critical systems checked on regular schedules. This means that the oil system, cooling system, fuel system, and transmission should all get regular service and attention.

Another easy step drivers can take to maximize efficiency is to keep vehicle tires properly inflated. Thus, tires should be neither underinflated nor overinflated as both conditions can cause inefficient tire wear and even poor fuel efficiency.

Yet another way for drivers to save on fuel costs is to keep their vehicles free of unnecessary items. Many car owners often carry large amounts of personal items in their vehicles as they travel, and over time this extra weight can greatly increase fuel use.



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