Pickup Trucks and Their Cabs

The style, performance, and handling of a truck represent three essential features to a buyer. Pickup truck owners do know the vehicle's cab significantly contributes to comfort and safety while driving. Not every cab is the same. Those in the market for a truck should look over the different types of cabs.

"Cab" is short for cabin. A pickup truck's cabin is where the driver and passengers reside. Of course, belongings and other items fit into a cab as well. Different models of pickup trucks present different cab sizes.

Access Cabs, ones with two doors, might be the most common. However, buyers can look into four-door cabs as well. Four-door cabs come in different sizes. Double Cab, and the larger CrewMax cabs are examples of four-door cabs.

Find out what pickup truck and the accompanying cab would be best for you. Visit us at Northway Toyota in Latham to take a truck out for a test drive.



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