Safety Features Packed in the New Toyota Corolla iM

In the market for a popular hatchback? Take a look at these features in the new Toyota Corolla iM.

Just how smart is the new Toyota Corolla iM? This vehicle can detect a risk of a collision and actually help avoid it. If the Pre-Collision Assist system identifies a threat ahead, the driver will get a series of alerts to slow or stop, followed by the system pre-charging the brakes to bring you to a stop.

In an effort to ensure the driver of the new Toyota Corolla iM can see all around the vehicle, the rearview camera system activates as soon as the driver puts the vehicle in reverse. The console monitor turns to the camera screen, allowing the driver to see everything that could be in the way behind the vehicle.

Looking for a new vehicle with all these features and more? Today is the time to take a Toyota Corolla iM for a test drive here at Northway Toyota.



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