Keeping the Gas Tank Full in the Winter Months

One of the easiest things that you can do to increase safety on the road this winter is driving with a full tank of gas in the car. Here are some of the reasons why making those extra trips to the gas station are so beneficial, courtesy of our staff at Northway Toyota!

The more gas you have inside the tank, the heavier your vehicle will be. When you are traveling on icy roads, the rear tires need all the help possible to better grip that surface. If you travel around in the cold with the needle under a quarter tank, all that extra room in the trunk allows condensation to form. That moisture is going to eventually drip into the tank and if the temperatures are cold enough, can freeze and block the flow of fuel to the engine of your car.

These winter safety tips from our team in Latham, NY could help to reduce incidents on the road.

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