The Toyota 86: A Powerful Engine and Smooth Shifting

For those looking for a sports car with good reliability, the Toyota 86 fits the bill. This vehicle is designed for the driver who wants a true driving experience. This car excels on several levels including in the area of top performance features.

The Toyota 86 is powered by a 2.0-liter flat-four engine. The engine delivers up to 205 horsepower in manual, and it delivers up to 200 horsepower with the automatic transmission. The vehicle is equipped with a smooth-shifting, six-speed transmission. The automatic transmission may be placed in manual mode. This mode allows you to shift with a gear shifter or with the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. The vehicle easily transitions into gear for a quick, smooth and efficient ride.

Come check out the Toyota 86. You can test drive one from our showroom at Northway Toyota. You will experience true sports car feel on your test drive.



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